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Copy Face

This app pastes your favorite faces(super stars, friends and families) on the face shown in live camera. It will give you amazing experience with AR face technology!!


This app simulates faces. When your face photo is imported into the app, the app detects the position and shape of your face and automatically renders a 3D model. Your face photo will blink and change its facial expression in very lifelike, so you can experience a truly realistic simulation! You can play cosmetic surgery simulation, makeup simulation and the like with a realistically moving photo. Let's make laugh, angry and kissy faces at a realistically moving photo, and allow it to show us lots of feelings and expressions! Simulated pictures can be saved in portrait onto your device or shared by SNS!


This is the app to listen to the tweets of the world in live.- Listen to people's tweet voice of the world in live.- Listen to tweets that are exciting now from Twitter's trend word.- Listen to tweets by searching for keywords or hash tags of your interest.- Let's watch TV while listening to tweet comments on TV programs !!- Listening to tweets while watching sports such as football or baseball, you can watch more exciting than usual.- It is convenient that you can check the tweets by voice even during tasks you want to concentrate such as desk work.- You can listen to tweets with the sound like a radio or BGM when you can not operate a smartphone while driving a car.

Rhythm Mates

The uploaded face photo will get the rhythm of music. Usage is simple. Just upload a face photo and choose your favorite music. The beat of music of your choice will be automatically analyzed, and the uploaded face photo will get the rhythm. You can also measure the beat of music manually by tapping the screen to the rhythm.


SimFront is an application that can simulate your hair style. Usage is simple. You can simulate by simply selecting from the album, or photo shoot. Furthermore, since not only a hairstyle but glasses, sunglasses, and clothes are prepared as simulation items, various fashion styles can be tried on as costume play! (only charged version)


Sorry, japanese market only..

This application has ended.

FashionStyleSimulation ecloth

You can simulate your fashion style.Enjoy the Virtual Fitting Room!!

This application has ended.

Web Site

Fashion Coordinate Dress-up Simulation "ecloth"

Ecloth is a web site where you can simulate your fashion style. When you upload your picture, you can simulate styles with your picture and capture your styles simulated. If you join in this site, you can save styles and contribute your styles. Visitors in ecloth evaluate your style and vote as the one of the fashion categories. Join in now ecloth!!

This web site has ended.